The Novice 5K

This guide aims to push you that little bit more to achieve some competitive 5K finishes while setting you up for longer distances in the future.

As always, understanding the training guide is paramount to succeeding in your journey. Monday's include cross training which is designed to be less strenuous than any of your running. Exercises included in this bracket include anything aerobic; swimming, cycling or spinning for example.

Each run (Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's) are specifically noted as running or walking. This is to suit the capabilities and feeling of your body. Ideally, you can introduce intervals. This would mean that you could begin with running for 2 minutes and walking the next 2 until you complete the initial 1.5 mile. As weeks pass, this can be increased to 3 minutes of running followed by 2 minutes of walking, then 4/2, 5/2 so on. On to week 8 and you should feel comfortable enough to run for 6 minutes before 1 minute of rest walking. 

This training guide allows sufficient rest days which are equally as important as your active days. If your body isn't used to such consistent exercise then don't feel guilty if you rest rather than cross train or walk instead of run! It's vital that you don't put too much pressure on yourself or your body.

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1 30 min cross 1.5 m run/walk Rest or 30 min cross 1.5 m run/walk Rest 1.5 m run/walk 30-60 min walk
2 30 min cross 1.75 m run/walk Rest or 30 min cross 1.5 m run/walk Rest 1.75 m run/walk 35-60 min walk
3 35 min cross 2 m run/walk Rest or 35 min cross 1.5 m run/walk Rest 2 m run/walk 40-60 min walk
4 35 min cross 2.25 m run/walk Rest or 40 min cross 1.5 m run/walk Rest 2.25 m run/walk 45-60 min walk
5 40 min cross 2.5 m run/walk Rest or 40 min cross 2 m run/walk Rest 2.5 m run/walk 50-60 min walk
6 45 min cross 2.75 m run/walk Rest or 45 min cross 2 m run/walk Rest 2.75 m run/walk 55-60 min walk
7 45 min cross 3 m run/walk Rest or 50 min cross 2 m run/walk Rest 3 m run/walk 60 min walk
8 Cross 3 m run/walk Cross 2 m run/walk Rest Rest/cross 5K Race