Running through the Winter



It’s getting colder and the thought of getting the kit on and getting out for a run is getting harder and harder. The easy option of course is just to either stay tucked up in your cozy bed in the morning or settle down in front of the telly. Here’s some tips to help you keep motivated and keep you on track over the winter months.

1. Register for your next event.  This is one which is close to my heart as I always feel like I have to have something which I’m aiming for which keeps me going when it would be much easier to stay in the warmth of a cozy house.  There are still races which are happening through December and you can find the perfect event here on the runABCScotland events page. There are other good sites like Marathon Runners diary for keeping you up to speed on whats happening.

2. Be flexible and able to change up your routine.  If it’s impractical to do so much running, then consider adding some more cross training sessions either in the pool or in the gym.

3. Run with a friend.  Can be easier if you’ve got a running buddy where you can both act as motivator to each other, or consider joining a group or club, or keep an eye out for the Running Shop night runs where you can join like minded runners for an informal run through the winter months.

4. Ensure you’ve the right gear.  Having the correct footwear or clothing is essential to making it easier to keep the running going through the winter. Whether it’s base layers, thermal tights, hats and gloves, your local running shop (hmmm, where could that be? ;-) ) will I’m sure be happy to advise.

5. Prepare the night before. Generally, it’s been found that people who are morning exercisers have a greater chance of success than others. Getting the kit ready the night before can help you just get up and out the door before you realise what you’re doing!

6. Incentives. Plan rewards for your good work, whether it’s a meal out, massage session or link it to a weekend away for an event in the Spring.

Good luck!!

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  • Andrew Gordon