Why I love Cross Country!


So, I’ve been asked what do I enjoy about Cross Country?

I’m not sure really where to begin… it’s just freaking awesome!

I mean, personally, Cross Country has always just felt more natural to me than racing on a track or road. It’s an event that I’ve always felt confident in doing.

I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy sprinting up the hills. I enjoy running in the mud and rain. I enjoy chasing down the opposing vests – were all competitive, let’s not pretend that were not!

I also enjoy preparing for a Cross Country race. It’s kind of like preparing for battle haha. You know that the weather is going to be typically Scottish and miserable. Certainly, there is going to be mud everywhere which you’ll be clarted in by the end of the race. Also, elbows oot! You’re going to need them at the start of the race as you try to battle it out for a decent race position. And let’s not forget all the hills that you sprint up, making our quads cry but it’s all worth the pain. You gotta be tough and ready for it. See, it’s a battle!

I think another thing that has made Cross Country so enjoyable for me in the last couple of years, is the epic team spirit that Metro holds. There is nothing like hearing the cowbell and Metro chants as you’re running around the muddiest and hilliest course. Team spirit definitely makes Cross Country what it is. It’s a lot more fun with your running family.

All I can say is, get out there, and take it all in! Enjoy the experience for what it is – its what winter running is all about.

It’s also really good to treat yourself to a beer after a brutal XC race! Truly well deserved!

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  • Kayleigh Jarrett