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It's always a good time at the start of the year to have a look back on our running exploits of the previous year and see what's been achieved and to plan out the forthcoming year.

We thought it might be worth for The Running Shop team, Marie, Kayleigh, Steven and myself, Andrew to give you a little insight into what we’ve been up to and our hopes and plans for 2017.

Hopefully the one thing that comes across when you come into the shop is that we all love running. We also just love meeting and hearing about your running stories. There are so many inspirational people out there.

Andrews story

2016 for me was where I entered the world of the ultra running. Watching the start of the D33 at the start of the year really got the juices flowing and before I knew it I’d signed up for my first – The Great Tartan Skidaddle ultra which ran from Inversnaid on the banks of Loch Lomond to Callander, following the Great Trossach Way. The experience was truly amazing, meeting some incredible people and taking in some of the most incredible scenery Scotland has to offer. 

I followed this up with the Glencoe Marathon and the Glen Ogle ultra at the end of the year. Again, both truly amazing experiences and I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a challenge this year.

Although I love the trails, it’s still good to mix it up a bit and had some great road runs out at Fraserburgh and Peterhead where you always get such a warm welcome.

2017 looks like being much the same for me.   With the D33, Cateran55 and Speyside Way ultras already booked up it is time to get a bit more serious on the training. Strength & conditioning along with a good nutritional plan is the order of the day. Having never been one for the gym, I will be heading down to the brilliant local gym The Warehouse to get that extra strength work done. The facilities they have there at the Warehouse look amazing, and I’m actually really looking forward to start using it. Hoping it will really benefit me with the longer distances.

Kayleighs story

For me, 2016 saw a lot of hard work that appeared to pay off. With the help of coach Jackie, Metro Aberdeen Running Club, friends, and family, I scored some PB’s and had a successful cross-country season. My accomplishments were completely unexpected, surpassing the goals that Jackie and I had originally set out.

With the above in mind, this leaves things a little up in the air as to what to expect in 2017. Honestly, I have no idea what my specific goals should be and what I should expect from myself. However, I know that I would like to run faster throughout the road season, potentially scoring some PB’s in the 5k and 10k distances. Secondly, I would hope to have another positive cross-country season and would aim to achieve at least what I did in the 2016/2017 season. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. Finally, I hope that I become a better runner in terms of being more supportive to my club mates – when working towards any goals in life, it’s important to have a strong and positive support network around you, so I hope that I can be that for club mates or just anyone who is chasing that PB.


Stevens story

Had a very successful year as part of the Aberdeen AAC and Aberdeen University AC teams although I managed to pick up a little injury at the tail end of 2016, which was a bit frustrating. However, with some physio and strength work everything seems to be back on track and looking forward to completing the cross-country season.

Really looking forward to the upcoming track season and running for Aberdeen AAC and also for the Aberdeen University team. With some extra strength work, hopefully will be able to produce some PB’s in the 800m and 1500m on the track and also for 5k & 10k on the road.

Maries story

Running took a little back seat in 2016 as I completed my Pilates training and began providing pilates classes (Marie Law Pilates) for various levels, along with a specific pilates for runners class. We did do the 2nd Railway Relay in the summer which was great fun. Always nice to do something a little different and some good banter on the baton change overs!

Looking to get back into more running this year, and already looking forward to the Women Run Strong trail run in Dunkeld in May. Having done it before, it really is a nice run in a beautiful part of the country.