2017 - Our Running Year


We thought we'd do a little review of each of our 2017 Running Year.  Each of us like different things when it comes to running, but we've all got one thing in common - we LOVE to run!!


2017 has been a good year for running. Firstly, I didn't acquire any major injuries and that’s always an achievement in itself. According to my Garmin, I have also run a total 2023 of miles this year. That is probably my highest accumulative mileage ever!

Secondly, I’ve ran in some pretty cool places including London and Aviemore. Also, further away from the UK, I have had the opportunity to run in Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. They were much warmer locations to run and race in and gave me a dodgy tan! 

Racing in Kingsville, TX

As mentioned in my 2016 year in review of running, I hoped to run faster which I did. I got PB’s in the 5k and 10k distances and also had the opportunity to run for East Scotland at the Inter Districts, Edinburgh and the Inter County Cross Country, Loughborough. Both of which were valuable and enjoyable experiences. Additionally, I broke a University 5k record and won my first championship title. 

Going forward, like most runners, I hope for an injury free year filled with personal bests and team achievements. I hope to regain my focus and love for running again. Also, I would like to begin earning my coaching stripes with Metro Aberdeen Running Club so that I can coach our younger stars to running success.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my running adventures in 2017 and all the best in 2018!


Overall 2017 has been a pretty good year for my running. After getting through the grind of cross country over the winter, it was nice to get back to some faster running on the track, and run a PB in the 1500m for the first time in three years! This was the first year I introduced some strength and conditioning work into my training, and I believe it has helped me greatly, not just in getting stronger and faster, but also in preventing any niggling injuries that used to plague me!

My aim for 2018 is to carry this good form into the new year, and hopefully pull my times down in few other events, mainly the 800m, when we get back into summer (and hopefully stay injury free!!).

This year I also gained my Athletics Coach qualification, and followed this up by completing my qualification in sprints and hurdles coaching. Through gaining these, and the knowledge that comes with it, I’m hoping that the athletes I coach can also have a good 2018.


This was a really mixed year for me.  I had some key races in the first half of the year which I was focussing on (D33, Cateran55 and the Lairg Ghru). The plan this year was to go longer, and go higher. The Cateran55 had to be the highlight as it was a step into the unknown in terms of distance so really didn't know how I was going to get on and whether I could even finish or not.  It was pretty nerve wracking on the starting line not knowing how things would pan out. I find with ultra running, it's a continual learning curve, trying to discover what works, what doesn't work. Nutrition is the key thing, and for the Cateran, it was the first race I actually put a bit of thought into how I should handle it and to try and be a bit more disciplined about it. Thankfully, it all worked out, and I had the most amazing experience, meeting some incredible people and the sense of achievement was off the scale! I loved it so much, I've already signed up again for 2018!

The Lairgh Ghru had been on my bucket list for a while and I was finally able to run it this year. It really didn't disappoint. 27 miles of very runnable trail, through the most stunning  scenery in the Cairngorms. Check out the blog I did on the race to get a bit of an insight into it.

Unfortunately the 2nd half of the year wasn't quite so successful and ended up with a succession of injuries which was really frustrating. 3 months of basically resting up did the trick though and from October it's been a case of starting to build up the miles again.

The final run of the year was the Brewdog Christmas run where about 100 runners ran from the Brewdog in Castlegate, Aberdeen to the Brewdog in Ellon. It's one of those social runs which I love where the running community comes together and you just enjoy enjoy running for the love it and you get to meet some amazing people. For me, this is what running is all about.

I'm already started planning some more running adventures for 2018 which will be a fairly significant year for me - I turn Super Vet!!!  The plan is to do some one off adventures and hopefully raise a little bit of money for charity as well so starting to get very excited about it already.

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