The Running Shop's guide to local running clubs & groups - The Cosmic Hillbashers


In this occasional series, we plan to highlight some of the great clubs and groups we have here in the North East as a way of letting those who are maybe unaware of the different types of clubs there is and what they do and how you could benefit from joining.

Today, we're focusing on the Cosmic Hillbashers Hill Running Club.  As the name suggests, this is a club which does all things hills!


Set up back in 1993, the club was formed to help promote and develop hill running in the North East.  There was a growing hill racing calendar at the time, but there was a feeling that the existing running club structures were not able to cater for the hill running enthusiasts. However, the club was also always intended to be run in a very informal manner with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than attaining any elitist image. The club are keen to attract people who like running in the wilds, whether competitively or purely in a recreational sense.


Social Runs

A big part of the Cosmics is the social runs which they do and this is fantastic way for new runners to come and join with fellow hill/off road enthusiasts and discover some great routes throughout the North East. With running in the hills, there are some safety aspects which need to be considered, which makes running with a group of like minded people an extremely good option to gain experience and knowledge. Runs tend to be on a Saturday and also on a Tuesday evening during the summer months.


The Cosmics organise and take part in many hill races during the year. Some of the key races include Hill O' Fare, El-Brim-Ick Dash, Mither Tap, Clachnaben and the S-Krunce series.  Check out the website for full details of the races during the year or check out the race diary in the Running Shop site.  There's a wide of variety of races to choose from which will suit all runners from the novice to the experienced hill runner.


During the winter months, there are training sessions which happen at the Aberdeen University Kings playing fields. 6pm for, 6.15pm start. Always good fun, Ewen keeps things fresh with different sessions each week.  Doing these sessions over the winter, definitely makes you stronger going into the new season. Highly recommended!


For more info. have a look on the Cosmic's web page and you can get the contact details there as well.  Feel free to ask in the shop as well though.

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  • Andrew Gordon