Product Review : Uni-Lite PS-H8 Headtorch


Always keen to get the best products into the shop for our customers, we did a lot of research on head torches and the Uni-Lite torches really ticked all of the boxes for us. The fact that Jo Pavey and Steve Cram also just happen to use them just confirmed to us that this was the right product to go for. Although Uni-Lite are more known for their industrial activities, their head torches are actually ideal for outdoor activities. 

Having committed to take part in the 15 mile Illuminator night run in November we decided to take the PS-H8 out for a test run as this was the level of torch which was being recommended for this event. First thing to note is how rugged and well built they are. With foam padding and straps going around and over the head, it was very comfortable and stable.  Even after a long run, it was still feeling good.

Powered by 3 x AA batteries, which are held in a unit at the back, we found the controls were easy to use, even with gloves on.  Battery life varies from 10 to 160 hours depending on which beam you use. There's a 4 stage dimming switch, manual zoom feature and the head has a 90° rotation which is really useful.  The beam, at 250 lumens, as expected, is very bright and more than enough for off road running needs.  There's also a handy safety red light on the battery pack at the back with 2 settings if required.



Compared to other head torches which are perhaps aimed more specifically at the running market, the Uni-Lite PS-H8 compares more than favourably in terms of build quality, comfort and most importantly at £49.99, value for money.

We would also recommend the PS-H2 or the HV-H2  (both £19.99, 80 lumens), for night town or partially lit area running.



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  • Andrew Gordon