Running Shop Events


Altra Running Shoes - Run Night

Date:  Wed, 26th April 2017

Time:  6.00pm

Venue: The Running Shop, 193 George Street, Aberdeen

Come and join us for a run with Altra running and experience their Zero Drop platform shoes with foot-shaped toe box. Great chance to try out these unique shoes and learn about the theory behind them. Not to be missed.


    Traditional running shoes feature pointy toe boxes that squeeze the toes out of their natural position—increasing risk of bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. Altra's FOOTSHAPE™ TOE BOX allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position. This enhances stability and creates a powerful toe-off to maximize running performance. We wish we could call it some scientific breakthrough, but we're simply giving your foot the working space it needs.



    Years ago, Altra founder Golden Harper began melting off outsoles and removing the excess heel elevation from their traditional running shoes. It was ugly, but it worked! The term " ZERO DROP™" was coined to describe the level cushioning and perfect weight balance from heel to forefoot. This natural balance aligns the feet, back, and body posture for less impact. It also strengthens the Achilles and lower calf muscles that have been weakened over a lifetime of running on elevated heels.

  • Andrew Gordon

Hoka OneOne Run Night

Date:   1st May, 2017

Time:  6.00pm

Venue:  The Running Shop, 193 George Street, Aberdeen

Hoka will be back up again with their truck of shoes for you to try on and go for a run. We'll meet at the shop where you can choose the shoe you want to give a go and we'll head down to the beach for a run.


HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes. Along with maximal cushioning, this provides runners of all types with an energizing, stable ride. HOKA ONE ONE understood from the beginning that natural foot motion was extremely important for uniformity of stride. HOKA ONE ONE incorporated minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design to promote consistent rhythm in the runner's foot strike.

HOKA ONE ONE is a shoe for all runners, from joggers to elite athletes looking to improve their performance. We continue our pace, leading the running revolution. Please join us on our journey and keep running.

HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.